Groundbreaking Work at EWMA 2024

RSL Revolutionary Labs continues groundbreaking work at EWMA 2024, advocating for improved oncology patient quality of life

RSL Revolutionary Labs proudly participated in the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Conference for the second consecutive year, becoming the first Cypriot company to address the significant issue of skin side effects in oncology care at such a prestigious event. With a steadfast dedication to enhancing the quality of life for oncology patients, RSL Revolutionary Labs is driving meaningful changes within the industry.

Recent studies reveal that approximately 30% of patients undergoing chemotherapy develop dermatological toxicities, an alarming 80% of patients undergoing radiotherapy experience moderate to severe skin reactions and it has been reported that one in three patients receiving immunotherapy treatment encounter dermatotoxicity. These findings highlight the significant impact of cancer treatments on patients’ skin health and overall quality of life. Despite their prevalence, these issues are often overlooked, resulting in inadequate management and considerable impacts on patients’ well-being.

At EWMA 2023, RSL initiated its involvement with two sessions and an exhibitor booth, sparking essential discussions among over 5,000 healthcare professionals. This year, at EWMA 2024, RSL continues its efforts to address the skin complications of oncological treatments, presenting its work aimed at alleviating these toxicities and improving patient comfort.

Discussions at EWMA 2024 shed light on the underestimated impact of skin toxicity during cancer consultations, emphasizing its profound implications for patients’ overall well-being. Furthermore, the emotional strain of skin toxicities, particularly affecting women with more pronounced declines in quality of life compared to men, underscores the imperative for increased awareness and support. Additionally, the pervasive occurrence of skin changes during treatments (incl. radiotherapy) affects 95% of patients, underscoring the pressing need for tailored dermatological care.

“We are encouraged by the growing support for our mission,” remarks Dr. Marianna Prokopi Demetriades, Co-founder of RSL Revolutionary Labs. “Our focus remains on pioneering solutions that benefit oncology patients, empowering them to navigate their treatment journeys with greater ease.”

RSL Revolutionary Labs extends an open invitation to all stakeholders to join them in their groundbreaking efforts to revolutionize oncology care, elevate patient outcomes, raise awareness, and educate on these important issues.

RSL at EWMA 2024