RSL labs partnership with Aroma hub

RSL Revolutionary Labs Partners with Aroma Hub to Bring Oncology Skincare Solutions to Malta

RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd, an innovative biotechnology company from Cyprus, is thrilled to announce a new distribution partnership with Aroma Hub, expanding the reach of its advanced dermaceutical line, εὖSKIN®, to Malta. This collaboration aims to provide essential skincare solutions to oncology patients, enhancing their quality of life during treatment.

“We are dedicated to supporting oncology patients with our specialized εὖSKIN® products, designed to care for and protect sensitive skin during treatment,” said Dr. Marianna Prokopi – Demetriades, Co-founder and Director of RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd. “Malta’s strong sense of community and focus on health and well-being make it an ideal location for our expansion. Our partnership with Aroma Hub ensures that patients in Malta can access our scientifically developed skincare solutions, which are crucial for their skin health and overall comfort.”

“We are honored to partner with RSL Revolutionary Labs and introduce their εὖSKIN®  products to the Maltese market,” said Marika Fleri, Co-founder of Aroma Hub. “This collaboration allows us to provide high-quality, research-backed skincare solutions specifically designed for oncology patients. We are committed to offering products that truly make a difference in the lives of our customers, and εὖSKIN®  perfectly aligns with this mission.”

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Maltese customers interested in purchasing εὖSKIN® products can reach out to the Aroma Hub team via email at