“Development of novel medical-grade skincare products for oncology patients”

Duration: Two years (June 2021-May 2023)
Total budget: €498,505

The proposed project brings together a group of highly motivated startups and several leading/world-class research and clinical institutions in Cyprus, putting together a multidisciplinary consortium with substantial resources and expertise in biomaterials, cancer medicine, finance and marketing, in order to develop and commercialize novel skincare products that will be able to successfully compete on the international market.

RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd will focus on the development of high-end products based on medical grade collagen specially formulated to alleviate skin issues and promote wound healing. RSL’s formulas will be developed in collaboration with its dermatologist, biomedical scientist and medical oncologist partners to address this unmet need and introduce effective cosmeceutical solutions to improve skin health and quality of life for cancer patients worldwide.

Novelty of mediSKIN project

Blending of natural products with molecularly engineered materials developed by RSL Revolutionary Labs

Novel medical-grade atelocollagen developed by Promed Bioscience and tested by CUT

In vitro efficacy and toxicity testing in 3D skin models by Theramir

Clinical trials and assessment of patients’ quality of life by GOC and CUT

RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd’s expertise in natural extracts and medicinal formulations will once again be utilized to develop super stable and highly effective molecularly engineered blends.

Our partner Promed Bioscience once again leads the way, with the development of not one but three novel types of high-grade atelocollagen to be incorporated in our unique formulas.

Theramir Ltd with significant experience in pharmaceutical preclinical testing, will be responsible for assessing the efficacy and safety of the novel formulas by using 3D engineered in vitro skin models.

Cyprus University of Technology‘s rigorous efforts will characterise this novel biomaterial using state-of-the-art techniques and in-house developed analysis methods.

The project activities will include the first Cyprus-based clinical trial, organised by German Oncology Center and CUT, to assess the effect of the mediSKIN-developed formulas on patient quality of life.