mediSKIN ~ Closing ceremony event

The mediSKIN Closing ceremony event was hosted by RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd on 5 July 2023 at its headquarters, at the ASBIS High-tech Cluster conference facilities in Limassol, marking the successful conclusion of the mediSKIN entrepreneurship innovation project (SEED/0719/0200).

The event, under the theme “It All Started with Compassion”, served as a remarkable milestone, showcasing the power of compassion paired with innovation in the collaborative efforts of the project.

Supported by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Fund, the Republic of Cyprus, and the Research and Innovation Foundation, the project received funding of €498,000 under the call “Development of Internationally Competitive Innovative Products and Services by STARTUPs (SEED)”, enabling rapid development and promotion of competitive products in the international market.

The closing ceremony provided an opportunity to present and discuss the exceptional research and clinical results achieved throughout the mediSKIN project. It also unveiled a new line of innovative skincare products developed specifically to address the unique needs of oncology patients.

Esteemed speakers, including Philippos Hadjizaharia, the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Theodoros Loucaides, the Director of the Research and Innovation Foundation, and Loucas Fourlas, Member of the European Parliament and President of MEPs Against Cancer, shared their profound insights and expressed unwavering support for this wonderful initiative.

The mediSKIN research project exemplifies the power of collaboration, bringing together three certified Cypriot innovative start-ups, namely RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd, Promed Bioscience Ltd, and Theramir Ltd, alongside academic researchers from the Cyprus University of Technology and clinicians from the German Oncology Centre.

United by a shared vision and fuelled by compassion and motivation to profoundly impact quality of life, the consortium partners worked to develop and commercialise a novel collagen-based formulation specifically designed to alleviate and prevent the undesirable side effects of cancer treatment.

During the ceremony, Prof Dr Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades, the scientific coordinator of the project and co-founder of RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd, presented the project’s concept, research and development results, and introduced the novel products.

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Clinical leaders Prof Dr Constantinos Zamboglou (Deputy Medical Director of the German Oncology Centre) and Dr Angelos Kassianos (Lecturer of the Nursing Department at Cyprus University of Technology) presented the preliminary clinical results and the clinical trial design, focusing on the assessment of the quality of life of oncology patients. Dr Anna Christofini and Dr Costas Pitsillides highlighted the milestones and key events during the project in their closing remarks.

The emotionally charged closing ceremony of the mediSKIN project celebrated not only its successful conclusion but also emphasised the profound impact of compassion in driving innovation. Renowned journalist Stavros Kyprianou, the event host, recognised the importance of such significant projects for the country, providing an opportunity to acknowledge and applaud the tireless efforts, unwavering dedication, and collective achievements of all the project contributors.

Through the convergence of cutting-edge research, technological advancement, and genuine compassion for those affected by cancer, the mediSKIN project has made significant strides in improving the quality of life for patients undergoing treatment.

Here’s a short video of the mediSKIN ~ Closing ceremony event

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