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Proper management of dermatologic side effects and toxicities associated with cancer treatment is critical to treatment success. However, the options available for skin care management in oncology patients undergoing treatment are still quite limited and there is an increased demand for products specifically for patients who may suffer from severe skin side effects. The proposed project brings together a group of pioneering small and medium-sized enterprises and leading research and clinical institutions in Cyprus in a multidisciplinary consortium with the aim of developing innovative products aimed specifically at oncology patients with dermatological problems.


The mediSKIN research group consists of RSL Revolutionary Labs, Promed Bioscience, Theramir, German Oncology Centre and Cyprus University of Technology, all working together to evaluate formulations for the prevention and care of radiation dermatitis in breast cancer patients.


RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd will focus on developing advanced medical grade products specifically designed to relieve severe dermatological problems and aid in wound healing. We have already seven other licensed products for the skin care of oncology patients on the market.

The innovative formulas that will be developed in collaboration with the clinical and scientific partners of the project, will be introduced to the market as targeted and effective solutions to improve the health of the skin and quality of life for cancer patients.


Modern treatments have resulted in higher survival rates and improved quality of life for cancer patients, yet dermatological side effects and toxicities are still a major problem for patients undergoing such treatments, and the options available to manage side problems are still quite limited.

The project will support the rapid development of a highly effective cosmetic product based on innovative medical collagen that will be developed to address skin problems and improve wound healing.


The overall goal of the program is to develop effective prevention solutions for radiation dermatitis in breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

The objectives of the clinical trial are to minimize/prevent the possibility of inducing immune reactions and adverse effects in breast cancer patients and to improve the quality of life of patients.



Clinical trial to assess the efficacy of an innovative dermatocosmetic product and study the impact on the quality of life of oncology patients undergoing radiation therapy.


You are called to:

~ Use the recommended product for four weeks and apply at least 3 times a day to clean irradiated areas or as your healthcare professional will indicate.

~ Complete questionnaires online on a tablet that will be provided to you at the German Oncology Center, and at home through a mobile app, as instructed by the healthcare professional.


With your participation you contribute to the development of innovative formulations aimed at symptom relief, enhancing self-confidence and general well-being of patients.

mediSKIN clinical trials