Ask the expert series ~ Q&As with Dr Marios Christofinis

Ask the Expert Series:

Q&A with Dr. Marios Christofinis

Welcome to our exclusive interview series, where we pose insightful questions to our experts to deliver valuable information that will assist you on your journey. Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Dr. Marios Christofinis MD, PhD, a distinguished dermatologist, to gain insights into skincare practices tailored for oncology patients.

As we navigate the complexities of cancer treatment, Dr. Christofinis will guide us through the nuances of skincare during cancer treatment, offering invaluable tips and recommendations to nurture your skin’s health and well-being.

Dr Marios Christofinis ~ dermatologist expert


How can I adjust my skincare routine during cancer treatment to address Dryness and sensitivity?

To tailor your skincare routine for cancer treatment and address dryness and sensitivity, prioritize gentle care using natural products. Keep affected areas clean and dry to prevent infection, opting for short showers in lukewarm water with pH-balanced soap. Apply natural body lotion or oil post-shower to lock in moisture, avoiding products with alcohol or fragrances. Wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved cotton clothing to shield your skin from sun exposure and reduce irritation and sensitivity. Additionally, opt for clothing that provides adequate coverage against the sun’s rays instead of relying solely on sunscreen.


Are there specific ingredients I should avoid in skincare products while undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

During chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it’s crucial to avoid certain ingredients in skincare products to minimize adverse reactions. Steer clear of products containing fragrances, essential oils, alcohol, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate, opting instead for natural skincare alternatives. Additionally, refrain from exfoliating to prevent further irritation and sensitivity, prioritizing gentle, natural skincare routines.


Are there specialized skincare products recommended for cancer patients? How do they differ from regular products, and what benefits do they offer? Can you recommend any natural skincare options suitable for use during cancer treatment?

For cancer patients, specialized skincare products are recommended to address unique needs and promote healing. Look for products with a stabilized pH of 5.5 and containing natural moisturizing ingredients without fragrances or colors. εὖSKIN® products, specifically formulated for cancer patients, provide essential natural skin care while aiding in healing and maintaining soft, moisturized, and healthy skin.

Look for products like εὖSKIN®‘s Intensive Cream, specifically formulated to aid in the recovery of skin damaged by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other irritants. I trust εὖSKIN® products for their dedication to natural ingredients and commitment to patient well-being.

euSKIN line of products


What tips do you have for maintaining healthy nails and lips during cancer treatment?

To maintain healthy nails and lips during cancer treatment, prioritize gentle care and protection with natural products. Keep nails clean and short, using gloves for household chores and avoiding chemical manicures or pedicures.

One option to consider is the εὖSKIN®‘s Nail Repair Oil, which is designed to promote nail growth and repair damaged nails. When it comes to lip care, look for natural lip balms enriched with antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and shield your lips from the effects of treatment.


Are there specific precautions I should take when using skincare products in mucosal areas during cancer treatment?

When using skincare products in mucosal areas during cancer treatment, take specific precautions to alleviate discomfort and promote healing. Utilize natural antiseptic agents and avoid cotton patches on injured areas. Opt for natural gels designed to moisturize and repair damaged tissues, avoiding alcoholic solutions or creams that may exacerbate sensitivity. Prioritizing gentle, natural skincare can help alleviate discomfort and promote healing in mucosal areas for enhanced comfort during treatment.


Our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Marios Christofinis, for his expertise and thoughtful guidance in navigating skincare during cancer treatment.

As we strive to empower individuals with knowledge and support, we hope this interview series has shed light on the importance of tailored skincare routines in enhancing the well-being of oncology patients. For further information and resources, navigate through our website and explore our commitment to compassionate dermatological care.

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