We are constantly focusing and investing in innovation activities. Our continuous efforts in R&D aim to develop innovative products and formulations for the needs of oncology patients. Our highly scientific team collaborates with research and clinical institutions, providing additional resources and expertise to complement its core competencies.


Interested in the science behind the εὖSKIN® products?

mediSKIN (SEED/0719/0200)

We are very proud that we have received the research grant SEED/0719/0200 from the Republic of Cyprus through the Research & Innovation Foundation and the European Regional Development Fund. The project mediSKIN “Development of novel medical-grade skincare products for oncology patients” has a duration of two years (June 2021-May 2023) and a total budget of €498,505.

EWMA 2023

We attended EWMA (European Wound Management Association) 2023 in Milan, with Dr Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades discussing our latest scientific work on the development of natural dermaceuticals based on a novel atelocollagen complex for oncological wound healing. Our team of co-authors includes experts from RSL Revolutionary Labs, Promed Bioscience, Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol Dermatology Clinic, and Theramir Ltd. The presentation was part of our research project, mediSKIN (SEED/0719/0200), which is funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation.

“Development of natural dermaceuticals based on a novel atelocollagen complex for oncological wound healing”, Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades(1), Demetra Wiedl(2), Anna Katsioloudi(3), Despoina Kokkinidou(1,4), Anna Christofini(1), Danae Georghiou(2), Zenia Xenou(2,4), Helena Topouzi(1), Konstantinos Kapnisis(4), Andreas Anayiotos(4), Marios Christofinis(5), Costas Pitsillides(1,2,3),

(1) RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd, (2) Promed Bioscience Ltd, (3) Theramir Ltd, (4) Cyprus University of Technology, (5) Limassol Dermatology Clinic.